Pumps & Valves

Utilizing the results of intensive product development investment, our range of pumps and valves is amongst the leading one the industry has to offer. Whatever your pharmaceutical processing needs, we have the solution you require.

Our selection of pumps has been extensively tested, meaning they can be installed without fear of seal failure during tough processes such as elevated pressure. Among the innovations utilized across our range, hydraulic balancing technology has been harnessed to reduce pressure around the sealing surface. The result – greater efficiency, decreased chance of malfunctioning and less wear.

As part of our core philosophy, we aim to improve productivity and efficiency , and the pumps we supply are no exception. Among the productivity features found across the solution range we provide, is the minimizing of internal clearances so that smaller pumps can work quickly and accurately even with viscous liquids, reducing your running costs and initial investment.

We also have a wide range of valves available for the pharmaceutical production. This selection is designed to be reliable and sturdy, as well as to offer space saving, which makes them highly  flexible. Our valves are also easy to install, and require a more simple maintenance and cleaning whenever required.
As with all the solutions we source, our valves are made from high-quality materiasl and comply with all necessary safety and design requirements. When you work with us, you know you’re getting the best solutions available on the market.

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