In pharmaceutical production, dry milling is a key stage in the process, requiring precision and consistency. Size reduction technology needs to achieve very specific particle sizes, ensuring active ingredient uniformity, enhanced absorption rates and a product’s dissolution among other things.

We have sourced top-of-the-line milling solutions to ensure specific particle range and distribution in your pharmaceutical products. Highly flexible machines with configurable hammer mills allow for an impressive range of particle milling, including hard compacts. Meanwhile, metering feed systems enhance uniformity among your pharmaceutical products. Not only does this facilitate output consistency, it also eliminates the possibility of operator variables, minimizing the chance of error.

Designed to allow for improved component access in order to facilitate ease of cleaning, our solutions also utilize the latest innovations to prevent product containment. Depending on your requirements, there are additional optional features available that prevent airborne dust from escaping without the need for separate machinery.

Quick and easy screen/rotor access allows for reduced cleaning and batch changeover times on all hammer mill machines. Efficiency is the key and our solutions will revolutionize your processing lines.

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