Our Expertise for

Standard Products

Import Services

Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd can provide "door-to-door" import services including handling of all import paperwork and governmental/agency licenses and certificates.

We can provide consulting services for importation by air, sea or courier.




With more than 80 years of experience in importing a wide range of materials from around the globe, Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd can provide you with Logistic Consulting, covering all areas of import, transport, warehousing, as well as providing "turn-key" solutions to your problems.

Supply Chain

Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd can assist with:

Importation and Warehousing according to customer requirements and demands with full computer network transparency.

Our unique TMM (Total Material Management) program, offers complete supply chain (from importation to delivery) performance with F2F (face to face) real-time computer network transparency.

This service can include management and follow up by either batch number and/or "best before date", including automatic alarms upon expiration of shelf life, as well as stocking and reordering of materials based on Min/Max levels.

On-line handling of customer orders within hours. Complete order processing including provision of all required documentation (COA, etc). Delivery by approved trucking (Hazmat, etc.) and provision of signed documentation within 24 hours of delivery.

An Outsourcing Management package can be offered based upon customer's special requirements and priorities.