Service Solutions for Your
Manufacturing Business

HBC offers customers the opportunity to purchase the latest materials, technologies and know-how – both traditional as well as most innovative ones, from selected suppliers in specific sectors. Our materials are offered both locally from stock or through customized made-to-order (MTO) requests. Support of special storage needs is also available.

When working with HBC, customers enjoy full warranty and support after purchasing and support through R&D and production processes.

In addition, HBC's warehousing facilities are among the most modern available in Israel, with all "state of the art" recording (temperature, humidity, etc.) as well as all up to date safety features, beyond the demands of local legislation. Our distribution system covers the whole of Israel with the ability to provide same day delivery, subject to certain conditions.

As an established and respected company of more than 90 years of operation in Israel, customers are assured of security in regards to financial transactions with HBC. Fees can be paid in local currency and clients also benefit from accommodating payment terms.

We at Hirshberg Brothers Chemicals believe in providing a “wall-to-wall” service to our customers. When we consider “service” we see a vast selection of areas where we can promote and enhance your business. Throughout the product (or project) life cycle, we can bring you added value and simplify processes. From the inception stage which require the know-how, and involvement of our suppliers, through the birth stage that require technical support in product development, testing and verification, all the way to the maturity of your business when your product is ready to be launched an hit the market – our team of professionals is there to support you.