The Hirshberg Brothers Group


Hirshberg Brothers Chemicals (HBC) is part of a privately owned Group of companies, known as the “HB Group”, which was started as a single company in 1925, by two Hirshberg Brothers (Avraham and Yakov) who opened a small chemical shop. It has since grown to be one of the leading companies in Israel, being always active in supporting and supplying the needs of industrial companies for more than 90 years. At present the Group includes five privately-owned companies, each specializing in its own field of business – Chemicals, Machinery, Medical, Semiconductor and Lab Equipment, offering both singular expertise as well as common synergies.

Currently, the HB Group has over 145 employees in Israel, and additional 15 in Turkey. Since 1925, we pride ourselves in running our operation from a self-owned offices and warehouse buildings, offering our customers the services of specialized and skilled sales & technical personnel. Still to date ,Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals continues to represent and distribute from stock, materials supplied from top-of-the-line companies, toall the sectors in which it is active.