Our Services for

Special Handling Products


Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd imports materials from around the world for distribution through our local warehousing.

We excel in the importation and transportation of specialized materials, e.g.: "Non-standard" weight/measurement, Extreme Temperature Control, etc.


Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd . distributes shipments to its customers around the country on a daily basis, or as per customer requirement.

We have at our disposal trucks that can handle any form of load and/or hazard class, temperature control or special requirements (cranes, heavy loads, etc).

For emergency situations, we can arrange for a truck to be on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Hirshberg Brothers & Co. Chemicals Ltd has two warehousing facilities:

Facility #1 - capable of Ambient Warehousing, Temperature Controlled Warehousing and Extreme Temperature Warehousing down to -50° C (minus 50 degrees C). Our warehouse has full power backup with an alarm system.

Facility #2 - capable of Ambient Warehousing, Hazardous Materials - CLASS 3, CLASS 5.1 and CLASS 8 (with approval from all governmental agencies) and Temperature Controlled Warehousing.


All Warehouse personnel have received and passed all safety requirements as issued by Governmental Agencies.