Blister Inspection (Visual)

As a company, it’s our mission to bring you the best in pharmaceutical technology, and our range of blister inspection solutions is no exception.

We know how important is the factor of efficiency in the pharma industry, which is why we offer reliability at high speeds through our technologies. With guaranteed 100-percent in-line inspection capability in real time, at full machine speed, you will feel secure knowing that we help you guarantee that only the highest quality products will reach the market.

Our inspection solutions are compact, fitting easily onto a wide variety of machines. the use of touchscreen technology has been optimized for fast and easy use. Innovative advances in the industry are also utilized with polarized filters eliminating reflections and multi-trigger functions facilitating several single exposures per cycle in large formats.

With a potential speed of 1,000 objects per stroke at 60 strokes/min, the inspection technology we’ve sourced can facilitate all types of pharmaceutical materials. whichever your specific requirements are, we can provide you with the most reliable and high-performing inspection solutions on the market.

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