Plate and Tubular Heat Exchangers

We strive to fulfill all of our customers’ needs, which is why we have a wide range of heat exchange technology available to suit all pharma requirements.

We work with leading manufacturer to bring you high-quality plate and tubular heat exchange solutions. Materials used to create each piece of technology are top of the line and able to operate under stressful conditions that increase the lifespan of this products, compared to competing options. Meanwhile, the pioneering manipulation of pressure drops allows you to maximize thermal efficiency. We aim to bring you value for money, enabling you to get the best from your investment.

Our technologies are adaptable, facilitating flexibility in your production line and allowing you to cater for a wider variety of processes and products.

Our solutions facilitate low pressure drop at high mass flows for both gas and steam, and can incorporate vacuum condensation and handle non-symmetric flows with ease.

Tube-in-tube exchanges are available in both straight and corrugated versions with multiple configurations, removable end caps and built-in thermal expansion protection.

We have decades of experience in sourcing a vast selection of plate and tubular heat exchange solutions, ensuring we have whatever you may need, and the experience to deliver and support it.

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