Liquid Fillers & Cappers

Poor filling and closing solutions can derail a pharmaceutical production line, leading to low-quality products, severe time loss and a reduction in revenue. We prioritize accuracy and reliability when sourcing our machines, ensuring we work with only the highest-quality manufacturers and the most innovative technologies.

Our filling and closing machines work with continuous motion, while prism transport systems facilitate easy size changeovers. Ease of use is a priority with innovative control systems implemented to ensure high reliability with minimal operating efforts.

Specially customized infeed turntables are utilized to ensure sterile production requirements, while a Clean Feed system controlling the feeding of rubber stoppers means a significant decrease in particle generation risks.

Flexibility and versatility are important features in a pharmaceutical production line, which is why we ensure our range of solutions can accommodate a variety of filling systems, such as time-pressure, rotary slide valve pumps, peristaltic pumps and mass flow metering. Meanwhile, diluted solutions, oxygen-sensitive foaming, suspensions, emulsions and sensitive liquids can all be filled, with a filling range of 2 to 500 ml.

We spend immeasurable time researching the options available and handpicking only the best, so we can provide you with top quality solutions to your needs.

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