Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill Seal

We understand how flexible machinery needs to be in the pharmaceutical industry, which is why our supplied versatile solutions can be used for a variety of different applications.

Our technology allows you to manufacture a variety of sachets, including stand-up pouches and 4-side sealed sachets. We have solutions that can produce from the smallest necessary sachets, to large packets, designed to fill single-doses of pharmaceuticals. You also have the capability to produce pouches with a re-sealable zipper module, or in complete or partial shape.

Our focus on versatility means our technological solutions can adapt the different dosing systems you require. With our packaging machines, you’ll have the resources to fill a wide range of products from liquids to powder.

In line with our company ethos, we provide the best in innovative technology and our solutions utilize mechanical cam technology. This traditional walking beam transport system has been proven effective and reliable, consisting of beams and grippers that securely grasp each pouch. The products are then transported through the different stations from the forming stage to the final pouch closing phase.

Flexibility shouldn’t require compromising of efficiency, and our solutions can facilitate up to 220 pouches per minute. We believe that productivity and quality go hand in hand when you use the best technology available, which is why our customers experience top results when they choose us.

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