All stages in pharmaceutical production require state-of-the-art precision and reliability, and the filling process is no different. This is why we’ve ensured that the bottle unscrambling technology we provide operates smoothly and efficiently, requiring minimal maintenance by our customers.

Suitable for a variety of bottle shapes and sizes, our omni-line machinery is can run up to 200 bottles per minute. Simplicity combined with fine-tuned technology results in a flawless fluid process that guarantees quick results.

Upon entering the un-scrambler, bottles are spun on a rotating disk using centripetal force. Bottles in both neck-leading and base-leading positions are fed into the next stage of the machine where neck-leading bottles are secured by a hook mechanism and realigned into a neck-leading position.


Once in an upright mode, all bottles are stabilized and fed onto the un-scrambler’s exit belt for the next stage in your filling line.

The unscrambling solutions we provide are popular in various industries around the world due to their efficiency and reliability. The technology is easy to integrate into your production process, ensuring smooth operating systems and optimal efficiency.

Often simplicity is key to productivity and we’ve sourced the best technology to facilitate a smooth process for your operations.

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