Vial & Syringe (Visual)

When providing our clients with the latest in innovative technology, we aim to push speed and flexibility to maximum levels to facilitate the most efficient production line possible. That’s why our range of solution utilize the best this industry has to offer.

The latest in CCD and CMOS camera technology allows for precise inspection of defects in vials and syringes, while specially designed LED lighting and optics are utilized for optimum performance. Combined, these innovations guarantee a thorough, accuracy-driven inspection process that can unearth even the slightest flaws.

Modular designs allow you to quickly customize equipment according to your specific needs and requirements, while ergonomic layouts facilitate ease of use. By utilizing advances in static division (SD) technology, particulates can be identified even in low- to -medium viscosity liquids.

Accuracy is crucial in pharmaceutical production, which is why the machinery in our range of inspection technology solutions has a proven high detection rate combined with low false rejection. We can even offer enhancement option in the form of a built-in re-inspection function or separate machines for magnified inspection of rejects from the production line.

We aim to optimize your production lines’ inspection abilities while minimizing operator distractions and therefore the likelihood of human error. With our solutions, you’re guaranteed high quality final products with maximized productivity.


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