Tablet Counters

To ensure peace of mind for our customers, we source our tablet counting solutions from industry leaders known for their accuracy and reliability.

With innovative technology like servo-driven product dosing and vibratory plates, reliability and precision are enhanced and maintained while facilitating fast and consistent product output. Counters are low maintenance with very few settings to ensure ease of use and reduce the potential for operator error.

Benefit from a top-of-the-line scanning system that utilizes self-calibration technology to ensure that accurate counting continues even if the machine becomes contaminated with product dust. These innovative technologies are what facilitate potential speeds of 50 to 400 containers per minute.

Hygiene and ease of cleaning are also key priorities for pharmaceutical companies and therefore a primary concern for us when we source the best solutions available. GMP-compliant modular designs allow for the simplified removal of tool-free contact parts, allowing operators to clean quickly in under 5 minutes without the need for specific skills. Meanwhile, smooth finishes minimize the risk of product dust and debris accumulating.

Enjoy increased productivity, minimal downtime and streamlined ergonomics with our hand-picked selection of tablet counters.

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