Precision and reliability are crucial qualities when sourcing R&D machinery and we have a proven track record of supplying key customers in the biotech industry, who demand nothing but the best centrifuges available.

The separation solutions we bring employ state-of-the-art centrifugal technology, giving you room to experiment, adjust and customize. With the ability to separate two or more liquid suspensions of varying densities, as well as isolating solids from liquids, there is vast room for integration   into most applications for this technology.
Ensuring optimum flexibility, it is also possible to perform a 3-phase separation (liquid-liquid-solid separation) if your R&D process requires it. Not only does this give you a wider production scope, it also expands and  maximizes the versatility, flexibility and efficiency of your R&D facilities.

By using innovative technologies, like viscosity-controlled nozzles and hydrostop systems, original product quality is maintained throughout the process. Care is also taken to protect active ingredients during recovery through gentle product handling measures and aseptic processes, if needed. The results affect the production efficiency, waste minimization and improve profit margins.

Factors such as shorter contact times and fewer production stages help streamline processes and achieve higher overall output in a reduced amount of time.

With a simple operating system and innovative hygiene features like chemical CIP cleaning, are just some of the qualities of our range of centrifuge solutions, which can cater to all of your needs.

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