ALU Foils

Protecting your products even after they’ve left your manufacturing facilities is essential for any company hoping to minimize product waste and to maintain their brand’s reputation. This is why we’ve utilized innovative Formpack technology to make certain our ALU foil solutions ensure the extended shelf life of your products, as well as long-term resistance to delamination.

Our solutions provide an impermeable protective barrier to a variety of potential contaminants such as oxygen, moisture and light. Consistent performance and maximized production reliability, proven over a span of 30 years, will give you peace of mind.

With more than 50 million square meters used by manufacturers annually, Formpack technology guarantees superior forming capabilities, as well as extreme dimensional stability. It’s small cavity design also results in low material usage, allowing you to save on costs and increasing production efficiency.

Whatever your needs, we have the solutions available for all packaging types and sizes. The machines we have sourced ensure versatility with a selection of stiffness, print and color options available, depending on your requirements.

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