To provide the best range of technological solutions to our customers, we source our of machines from the industry’s leading manufacturers. We work with innovative engineers who have proven time and again that they lead the way when it comes to cutting edge, yet reliable equipment.
Maintaining sterile environments is essential in biotech production and we provide a wide-range of options to suit your needs or preferred methods.

Moist heat sterilization is traditionally the popular approach due to its reliable efficiency and versatility. We have solutions based on numerous technologies within this field, ranging from pure steam to a steam-water mix.

This sterilization process is best suited to solid materials, as well as liquids in sealed containers and the options we bring to you are specially designed to control contrasting pressures between the inside of sealed glass or plastic containers and the sterilization chamber itself.

The steam-air and steam-water solutions are best suited to the sterilization of liquids in sealed containers as they control the differing pressures inside and outside of each container that is sterilized.
the solution range also contains machinery to facilitate a need for chemical sterilization using ethylene oxide to disinfect containers or essential apparatus.

Ovens are available for hot, dry air sterilization needs. These are typically preferable for materials such as metal or glass, which can tolerate high temperatures and further ensures sterilization levels due to their efficiency in destroying pyrogens.

We have a wide range of solutions available, so contact us today and let us recommend the best technology for your specific needs.

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