Identification, information and warning signs are essential requirements for biotech production and manufacturing facilities to ensure employee and product safety. We have the self-adhesive labelling solutions you need for information or warning signs.

Flexibility and ease of use are both key characteristics, which is why the labels we have sourced can be custom-designed by individuals using a standard PC. Cost-efficiency is also prioritized and labels can be printed in-office.

Suitable for signposts, display winders, identification labels or information or warning signs, you can create a label that suits your needs. Each one can adhere securely to critical surfaces and are twice as strong as conventional paper labels. The product’s high-quality also ensures reliability.

In cases of short-term notices, you can also create removable signs using the innovative Movables® technology. These labels can adhere to any surface and won’t leave a residue after they are removed. They can also be reused several times giving you maximum cost-efficiency.

Our solutions are ideal for cabinet content lists, as well as inscriptions on medical cabinets. There are also options to use luminous colors to draw attention to critical information notices.

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