Vial & Syringe (Visual)

It is our philosophy that the solutions we bring should optimize your production line and have the flexibility to meet your needs. With that in mind, our range of vial and syringe inspection systems come in fully- and semi-automated formats, as well as manual.
For visual inspection purposes, operators can inspect containers thoroughly, as the ampoules, vials and other apparatus are pivoted and rotated for full viewing while moving through the machine. This simple, yet effective method allows workers to identify cosmetic flaws, such as cracks and foreign matter.

Both filled and empty containers can be inspected using our solutions, with rejected and accepted objects diverted to separate areas once flagged by the operator. Spin speed can be adjusted as needed, while output potential can range up to several thousand units per hour, which is suitable in order to allow you to run an efficient production line.

Customization features also include adjustable inspection angles and an array of lighting intensity options for optimal inspection purposes.  Tyndall lighting, as well as under-roller and overhead lighting options, make it easier to spot particles and other defects.

The user-friendly design minimizes the risk of operator fatigue, in turn reducing the likelihood of error and costly errors and downtime.

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