Pumps & Valves

The cooperation with industry-leading manufacturers gives us the ability to bring a range of pumps and valves, which are the result of continuous and intensive R&D, and are amongst the best available. Whatever your production requirements, it is possible that we have the technology you need.
The collection of valves for the biotech sector is both reliable and sturdy. They have been designed ergonomically to ensure a compactness that enables flexibility. These valves are easy to install, perform maintenance on and clean whenever required.

Through rigorous testing, the ranges of pumps we offer are guaranteed to be dependable, durable, reliable and consistent pieces of equipment. Seals are proven to hold in environments with elevated pressure, as well as other similarly tough processes, giving you peace of mind and minimizing the likelihood of production shutdown.

Several innovative technologies have been utilized across the range. An example is hydraulic balancing technology, which has been harnessed to reduce pressure around the sealing surface and therefore reduce the likelihood of failure, and increase life span.
As always, our aim is to improve productivity and efficiency whenever possible and the pumps we offer are of no exception. Improving productivity levels, the solutions we provide minimize internal clearances so that smaller pumps can work quickly and accurately. These pumps remain reliably efficient even when processing viscous liquids, reducing running costs.

In line with the technology we source to our customers, the range of pumps and valves are made from high-quality material and comply with all necessary safety and design requirements and regulations.

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