Many processes during biotech manufacturing require the separation of suspended material – a process that must be incredibly precise. Accuracy and reliability are therefore essential qualities in any centrifuge technology used, which is why we choose to bring the leading machinery available in this range of solutions.

To ensure maximum efficiency and flexibility, the separators we provide utilize the latest advances in centrifugal technology to separate liquid suspensions of varying densities, as well as liquids containing solids. A liquid-liquid-solid separation can even be performed if dictated by your manufacturing needs.

To maximize profit margins, production lines must be optimized fully to reduce operating costs. The range of solutions we bring have a higher overall output thanks to shortened contact times and a minimized number of stages. The result is a higher output with uncompromised quality and more return on your investment.

Quality is maintained through the use of innovative technologies, from hydrostop systems to viscosity-controlled nozzles. The result delivers an increased efficiency when recovering action ingredients, gentle product treatment and advanced aseptic process management.
With additional features like chemical CIP cleaning, you know your products are safe when you choose from our range of processing solutions.

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