Plate and Tubular Heat Exchangers

We understand that biotech manufacturers have a wide range of needs and with cost efficiency ranking high on their list of priorities, flexibility is crucial when it comes to buying production equipment. With this in mind, we have sourced an innovative selection of plate and tubular heat exchangers to ensure you get value for money thanks to customizable technology.

Multi-flexible configuration platforms allow these solutions to operate under severe conditions without a reduction in efficiency. This proves to be cost-effective, as these products maintain a longer lifespan than typical apparatus that endure harsh environments.

Very low temperatures down to can be accommodated, along with low pressure drops for gas and steam at high mass flows. The product range is suited to evaporation, condensation and vacuum condensation; ensuring customers’ needs can be catered for with high-quality machinery. Tube-in-tube heat exchanger solutions can also be supplied with straight or corrugated forms.

This portfolio of products that we source can be adapted for almost any application you require. The vast array of frame compression technologies allow modification to suit your needs, as does the variety of connection types and sanitary accessories.

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