Water Dispersible Granules

Designed specifically for R&D operations, our benchtop granulator solutions allow researchers to utilize low pressure extrusion processing with ease. Compact design and specialized features result in effective, reliable handling of small batch sizes typical of research and development processing.

These solutions were designed to solve a range of problems that can make R&D processes difficult to address when dealing with certain substances. Wet mixes can be prepared separately and fed through the system to allow operators complete control of the process.

Despite the smaller scale, materials can still be generated in a way that’s indicative of full-scale production.  Dome, radial and axial techniques can also be accommodated, providing users with the flexibility to achieve the results they want.

Shortened residence enables researchers and developers to achieve better quality products. Results are consistent and control can be maintained even through continuous configurations. Process repeatability is achieved with ease, along with better particle size distribution, aided by improved flowability, and minimal holdup volume

Waste is minimized to facilitate cost efficiency, making the granulation technology in this range the go-to option for any R&D operation.

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