Precision and reliability are two crucial elements required from all equipment used in R&D environments. This range of centrifugal technology is perfectly suited to research and development, guaranteeing accuracy of processing and delivering final products whose quality customers can depend on.

The latest innovations allow these solutions to separate material gently, ensuring the integrity of ingredients is maintained throughout the process. Material separation is done efficiently without compromising thoroughness, while accurate ejection systems reduce the amount of product wasted.

An innovative system based on intelligent kinematics ensures flexibility during R&D processes and flexibility is provided through high differential speeds and torques. This allows for the processing of high solid capacities with ease, achieving results that can be tracked and replicated for full-scale production.

As always, the importance of ergonomic design cannot be overlooked as it optimizes performance, while reducing the likelihood of operator error that could affect the reliability of results.

The centrifugal solutions in this range allow operators easy access to all drive parts and are designed to withstand high pressure, corrosive material and even explosive substances. The technology in this range will be a real asset to any R&D operation.

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