Roll Compacting

Chemical processing requires dependable, accurate machinery that can process efficiently at the highest safety levels and this line includes the most reliable roll compacting solutions available.

This range of high-capacity, heavy-duty technology is perfect for compacting and briquetting abrasive materials. Durable design can withstand continuous granulation applications while maintaining production standards and minimizing downtime.

While safety is crucial, meeting this standard should never affect the efficiency of a manufacturing line. Optimized feeding systems are utilized to improve product homogeny and density. This is aided by the application of roll geometry and briquette shapes, resulting in maximized yields and less waste.

Efficiency is further optimized by the inclusion of integrated dry granulator systems. As well as reducing start-up delays, it also facilitates the easy configuration of the compacting system when every specific granulation requirement needs to be altered.

Chance of human error and downtime are both reduced significantly as disassembly is not required to access the granulation machine rolls. As well as being easy to use and maintain, roll materials and design features also serve to reduce operating costs, increasing profit margins.

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