Fluid Bed Dryers

To accommodate customers, needs, a broad range of fluid bed dryers has been sourced to facilitate the production of both fine and bulk chemicals. This includes ceramics, agrochemicals, detergents and polymers, among many other applications.

The demands of a high quality chemical production line include the need for consistency, homogeny and maintenance of quality. This collection of solutions meets these demands and maintains maximum efficiency by facilitating high yields at low cost and maximizes profit margins.

A variety of options have been sourced that are ideal for spray drying a wide range of solutions, suspensions and emulsions. Processes include concentration of liquids through evaporation, spray cooling of melted material and spin flash drying of high viscosity products.

Innovative design means processing parameters can be altered to achieve quality powder through the most efficient drying method for a user’s personalized process. Combined with top-of-the-line heat transfer properties, thorough mixing and improved control, this range of products can provide  the perfect solution for a high-quality production line.

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