Water Dispersible Granules

Converting wet powders to granules requires strong technique and precision, and this line of equipment contains the best innovations available. This range of technology has been sourced from suppliers who have been researching and developing groundbreaking advances in this area for decades.

These solutions provide users with a variety of wet extrusion technologies to suit any company’s specific needs. Catering to numerous product requirements from herbicides, insecticides and fungicides to catalysts, this range can provide any granule solution a chemical production line needs.

There are a number of design options available including axial, radial, basket and dome. Across the board, excellent product flowability is achieved, optimizing any production line and facilitating an efficient, streamlined experience.

High yields are easily achieved, as is narrow particle size distribution, ensuring maximized profit margins. Impressive performance is maintained without sacrificing quality and superior process repeatability ensures product consistency and homogenous results every time.

With flexibility, efficiency and productivity prioritized, this is the ultimate range of extruder solutions.

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