Freeze Dryers

With several decades of experience behind their construction, only the most innovative technology  has been used in the design and production of these freeze dryers.

This range of solutions has been sourced to suit chemical processing needs from high-tech models to compact table-top equipment, in order to provide customers with the best possible equipment for their production line.

The technology has been designed to eliminate solvents without causing damages or altering the solute. Additionally, each component of this industrial freeze drying range can be configured to suit any required application. This improves production efficiency, while also ensuring you meet delivery deadlines while keeping costs to a minimum.

More than half a century of research and development has gone into the solutions available in this collection, ensuring dependable, efficient drying in aseptic conditions to protect the integrity of a manufacturer’s product.

These freeze drying units have been constructed in line with strict international safety standards and have undergone intense testing processes to ensure quality.

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