This range of autoclave technology provides efficient, reliable service that can optimize any production line. From steam to shower through to steam and air mixtures, there’s an option to suit every product.

These solutions were designed to process a wide range of items, such as solid and porous materials. To ensure the container’s integrity is maintained, the autoclave unit can thoroughly sterilize the product and ensure a completed job. Lesser equipment can damage containers, warping plastic and cracking syringes and ampoules. Not only does this reduce productivity, product waste can also negatively affect profit margins.

Utilizing the latest innovations, this technology reliably produces a set, consistent temperature distribution that maintains efficiency and protects products. Meanwhile, touch screen terminals ensure ease of use and minimizes the risk of operator error.

Product protection measures are in place throughout the entire process, not just in the sterilization chamber. Loading and unloading systems provide flexibility that allow this equipment to be adapted to any production line. Manual and fully automated loading are both facilitated and these solutions can cater for heavy loads.

With a long-life design, high production capacity and sanitation optimization, this range fulfils all autoclave requirements for chemical production companies.

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