Mixing and Compounding

The line of mixing and compounding options for the personal care products is offered from leading suppliers in the processing industry. Developments in the technology in this sector now bring to customers better machines, with improved characteristics, such as designs and components which allow cleaning-in-place and sterilization-in-place technologies, as well as automated process control for reliability and efficiency.

These options are specialized for the personal care industry and can be further customized for the needs of a specific manufacturing process. A selection of process systems is available for a wide range of hygienic and aseptic applications.

Components of our selection of lines have been ergonomically designed to ensure ease of operator use as well as provide environmentally friendly operations.  Components are also adaptable for changing production needs and providing easy access for cleaning and maintenance.

The range of mixing and compounding components can reliably and efficiently be adapted also for integration into existing production line elements.

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