Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill Seal

A range of applications can be accommodated by this line of form-fill-seal technology. There are solutions available for both horizontal and vertical filling preferences, ensuring all possible needs are met.

Machines can be adapted to suit special requirements, depending on your product choice and range, fitting seamlessly into any production line. A wide range of format sizes can be accommodated from small formats suitable for wet wipes and cosmetic sachet samples, up to large formats containing consumer-size viscous products. Stand-up pouches, string pouches and flat sachets are among the many formats facilitated by these innovative lines. The sealing solutions are reliable and highly efficient, providing a quality performance every time.  Wide selection of packaging materials and films can be used, which include pre-printed materials that bring your product qualities and your brand message to the end-customers. Production lines are optimized with streamlined precision and gentle handling that minimizes waste and the probability of downtime.

Innovative design results in minimal maintenance requirements and a reduction in the need for operator intervention. Meanwhile, the utilization of state-of-the-art technology means these solutions are incredibly energy-efficient, further reducing costs and increasing productivity

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