Once your products completed the processing stage of the production line, it is crucial to ensure that quality is further maintained. The Carton packaging solutions available in this range guarantee gentle product handling measures which ensure that Cosmetic and Personal Care items are protected throughout this stage of the packing phase.

High-precision, no-friction liner and carton handling options facilitate the delicate treatment of merchandise. Along with intermittent motion for secure carton closures, the equipment’s resistance-free conveyor transfer system protects cartons and their contents.

Every client has different requirements from their Carton packaging solutions, which is why our range of solutions includes a variety of modular feed systems.

Tool-free designs and innovative engineering facilitate short-time format change overs, while improving operating systems and ease of use. Ergonomic design also extends to carton stacking mechanisms to improve production flow and maximum processing times.

The modern Carton packaging systems provide solutions for integration of tamper-proofing and Track-and-Trace systems, which are highly recommended in order to ensure your product quality as well as the commercial safety of your business.

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