Dosing and Filling

Personal care products have distinct needs in the process filling and dosing the products during the manufacturing process. The lines of machines have been carefully selected to provide the most suitable technological solutions to fulfil these requirements.

Systems are available with a wide range of dosing solutions and options, allowing manufacturers to cater for different products and facilitate easy adaptions when implementing them. They can be modified for a variety of product styles and types, without compromising the need for being flexible also for future product changes or developments.

With different products come different filling and sealing needs. A variety of solutions for these steps in the manufacturing process are also available and can be integrated into existing production lines, or be offered as part of complete lines. 

Ergonomic design is key feature of our solutions, aimed to ensure ease of operator use for easy format changes as well as efficient and easy maintenance.

Flexibility, efficiency and productivity are key considerations in the rapidly changing world of cosmetics and the machines in this range can help the manufacturing process adapt to these changes as cost-effectively as possible.

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