DAF - Dissolved Air Flotation Systems

The Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) separation process is an excellent way to remove solids, macromolecules, CO2 and other materials from liquids. This innovative use of air allows unwanted material to be ‘carried’ by micro bubbles and is also an incredibly effective tool for sludge thickening.

This range of DAF technology provides users with production flexibility due to its variety of pump out systems, which can facilitate a wide range of applications, such as effluent, AQAM and algae removal.

DAF uses a natural, synthetic approach making it an energy-efficient, sustainable addition to your production line. The environmentally-friendly design doesn’t compromise on quality and this range of solutions actually provides numerous benefits, such as a higher treated-water quality.

Efficiency is prioritized and users will enjoy a rapid startup, optimized operating speeds and shorter sludge resistance times. Production lines will also benefit from the technology’s ability to adapt to elements such as operation parameters.

Reliability, productivity and cost-effectiveness – the key factors for choosing the right solution for your application.

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