Efficiency, reliability and cost effectiveness are important qualities in any processing equipment – and this range of cutting-edge decanters is no exception.

Maximum efficiency is achieved through simultaneous separation of liquids while removing solids. This optimization of productivity is thanks to an advanced, innovative design utilizing high bowl speeds and powerful scroll drive, as well as an adaptable scroll speed than responds to solid presence in the feed.

These decanting solutions’ intelligent kinematic systems allows users to process high-solid capacities without compromising efficiency or final product quality. Meanwhile, flexible applications have been integrated into this technology and a variety of washing systems are available, including counter-current and dilution.

The range includes decanting solutions to suit any need. Separating decanters have been sourced to separate two liquids and a solid element, as well as classifying decanters to segregate coarse particles from fine.

Our range of products can provide you with a solution to a wide range of requirements.

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