Perfect for liquid-based applications, this range of centrifugal technology provides state-of-the-art solutions to separate suspensions with varying densities. Flexible design means they are suited to a range of applications, removing solids from liquids or separating multiple liquids with precision and ease.

Customization is further facilitated through changeable bowl speed that will not affect the transmission ratio. Different drive types are available to suit a variety of application needs and preferences, including gear, direct, and indirect.

Innovative research and development has resulted in the availability of integrated direct drives – a processing system that works without motor shaft, belts and gears. This significant reduction in components reduces energy waste, as well as maintenance costs. It also facilitates a compact design that takes up less space than other centrifuges, making it an excellent solution for smaller facilities that do not want to compromise on quality.

Cost efficiency is further bolstered by the ability to replace the motor and drive in mere hours, significantly reducing downtime if the machine needs to be upgraded. Savings on time, cost and energy are guaranteed with this range.

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