End of Line (Bundler, Case packer, Palletizer)

Compact, flexible solutions for all end-of-line needs can be found in this innovative range of packaging solutions. Using state-of-the-art technology, food producers will find top-, bottom- and side-loading case packing, as well as wrapping equipment, to fulfill any production needs.

Incredibly efficient and high-performing, these solutions provide automated, reliable support to streamline the final stages of a manufacturing line. Seamless, compact designs mean these are the perfect choice for any company that needs to add a new element to their active production line.

Packing technology in this range can perform forming, filling and closing of American cases, with adaptable features to suit specific product types. Speed can also be adjusted to complement the production process.

This line of equipment has been carefully sourced to ensure that each element is designed to support highly efficient manufacturing. Each one is built to enable maximum output with ease and accuracy, while ergonomic design efforts allow for easy access and cleaning.

This range of end-of-line solutions utilize modular robotic packaging systems, which are designed for simple integration with the manufacturers chosen form of packaging.

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