Horizontal and Vertical Form Fill Seal

These vertical form-fill-seal solutions allow producers to work with a wide range of bags and packaging applications using standard packaging materials. The result is valuable flexibility that allows users to develop attractive and creative packaging to appeal to customers, aiding company expansion and a boost in revenue.

Operating efficiency is maximised through a number of innovative measures, features and made-to-measure solutions that ensure you get the results you want. These solutions allow producers to optimize production lines, enjoying output rates of up to 200 cycles/min without sacrificing quality or risking product damage.

Flexibility for producers was a priority during the design phase and these solutions can accommodate a wide variety of food applications from stick-shaped and deep frozen to powdered or lumpy. Each format can be processed using fully-automated systems, limiting the need for operator intervention. The result is a minimized chance of human error and a streamlined packing line that requires fewer components.

Combining optimized processing with quick changeover and cleaning times, these packaging solutions are perfect for all food production lines.

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