Centrifugal technology is one of the industry’s most effective methods of separating suspended solids and the machinery our supplier bring you comes from the industry’s top manufacturer.

To facilitate the flexibility required by R&D departments, our centrifuges cater to a wide range of requests, whether you need to separate liquids of varying densities or solids from liquids. We even have solutions that can facilitate the separation of solids and a liquid from a second liquid.

It’s our policy to offer solutions that improve production efficiency whenever possible, which is why the separation technologies include features that can increase productivity. Short contact times and the minimizing of processing stages result in higher outputs, while low solvent requirements allow you to reduce costs and improve profit margins.

Design is maximized to assist workplace ergonomics and ensure a smooth transition of our technology into your processing line. Patented hydrostop systems give operators increased control over the ejection process, while machines are optimized for ease of cleaning and compacted so that they don’t take up unnecessary space.

Our supplier’s solutions have been specifically designed to meet the needs of pharma R&D departments, including added features like gentle product handling and sterilization options that include steam and chemical, depending on your personal requirements.

No matter what your production requirements are, we have the solutions you are looking for.

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